Working Papers

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Olutayo Adesina, “The Culture of Entrepreneurship, Cross-Cultural Visions, and the Construction of African-American Standards of Inheritance.” WP#98018

Alejandro Agüero, “On Justice and ‘Home Rule’ Tradition in the Spanish Colonial Order.” WP#1001

Christopher Albi, “Francisco Xavier Gamboa and the Basque Atlantic: Law and Patronage in Late Colonial Mexico.” WP#1002

Carmen Alveal, “Land, Politics, and Society in Colonial Brazil: A Native Perspective” WP#04014

Carmen Alveal, “Difficulties of Legal Implementation of Sesmarias in Colonial Brazil: The Gap Between Law and Practice” WP#1003

Caitlin Anderson, “‘National Characters’: Law, Migration, and Identity in the British Legal World, 1776-1830” WP#04CR013

Jennifer L. Anderson, “Bounding Oceans, Encompassing Forests: Mobility and Dislocation in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic Mahogany Trade” WP#04CR018

Marcelo Aranda, “Comets, Colonies, and Bequests: The Instrumentalism of Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora” WP#0901

David Armitage, “From the Empire of Great Britain to the British Empire: The Emergence of the British Atlantic Community, c. 1540-1740” WP#97020

Katherine Arner, “Making Yellow Fever American: America, Great Britain and the Transatlantic Travails of Yellow Fever, 1793-1810” WP#0902

Eric H. Ash, “‘A note and a Caveat for Merchants’: Mercantile Expertise in Elizabethan England” WP#99003

Guillaume Aubert, “Colonial Mésalliances: The Metropolitan Roots of Racial Prejudice in the French Americas WP#00001

David Aworawo, “Cultural Atavism and Adaptation: The Varying Responses to Western Culture in Benin and Warri, 1520” WP#04017

David Aworawo, “From Pirates’ Haven to Sugar Island: Anglo-Spanish Rivalry and the Transformation of Jamaica, 1655-1720” WP#07020

Célia M. Azevedo, “The Ethiopian Redeemed and the Circulation of Antislavery Ideas” WP#00031

R. Jovita Baber, “Vexatious Outsiders: The Shaping of Colonial Spaces in Tlaxcala, New Spain, 1550-1590” WP#04013

Ken Banks, “Imperial Control and Urban Autonomy in Eighteenth-Century French America” WP#97010

Juliana Barr, “Gender and the Rituals of First Contact: Indian-Euroamerican Communication in the Colonial Spanish Borderlands.” WP#98005

Antonio Barrera, “Spanish Imperial Policy and the Control of Transatlantic Resources, or The Formation of Early Modern Science” WP#97001

Maria Candida D. M. Barros, “The Office of Lingua: A Portrait of the Religious Interpreter in Brazil in the Sixteenth Century.” WP#98015

Jennifer L. Baszile, “The Struggle for Colonial Rule in the Age of Imperial Rivalry: The Case of Colonial Florida, 1670-1686” WP#97027

Nicholas Beasley, “‘Death is more busy in this Place’: Mortuary Ritual in the British Plantation Colonies, 1640-1780” WP#0604

Charles Beatty-Medina, “Choosing between Rivals: The Spanish-African Maroon Competition for Captive Indian Labor in the Region of Esmeraldas during the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century” WP#04CR023

Rosalind J. Beiler, “Transporting Settlers to the British Colonies: The Religious Foundations of Transatlantic Migration” WP#96004

Lígia Bellini, “Indigenous Agency and Colonial Encounters in Brazil, 1500-1600: History and Recent Historiography” WP#97002

Saliha Belmessous, “Aspects of the Natives’ Instrumentalization by the Colonial Authorities under the French Regime” WP#97022

Christa Beranek, “Personal Devotions, Atlantic Contexts: Catholic Religious Artifacts from Seventeenth-Century St. Mary’s City, Maryland” WP#0616

Emily Berquist, “Bishop Martínez Compañón’s Living Laboratory of Enlightenment in Trujillo, Peru” WP#06-02

Stephen R. Berry, “Consecrating the Atlantic: Christian Approaches to Ship Life in the Eighteenth Century” WP#0605

Christopher Bilodeau, “Catholic Ritual and Hierarchy among the Wabanaki Indians, 1675-1725” WP#0620

Ned Blackhawk, “The Violent Edge of Empire: The Spanish-Ute Alliance and the Origins of the Great Basin Indian Slave Trade.” WP#98020

Kristen Block, “‘Pirates,’ Patrons, and the Performance of Catholic Conversion in Spanish Caribbean Ports, 1610-1660” WP#0623

Heidi Bohaker, “Contesting the Middle Ground: The Dynamic Tradition of Indigenous Kinship Networks and Cross-Cultural Alliances in North America’s Eastern Great Lakes Region, 1600-1700.” WP#04020

Maria Alessandra Bollettino, WP-07010 WP#0710

Denise Ileana Bossy, “‘A White Eagle Wing and a Yamasee Boy’: Indian Slavery in South Carolina after the Yamasee War, 1721-1732.” WP#04003

Eva Botella-Ordinas, "Debating Empires: Atlantic Imperial Ideology and the Spanish-British Competition for the Americas, 1660-1720s" WP#07016

Nikolaus Böttcher, “The British Domination of Havana in 1762-1763 and Its Economic and Political Consequences” WP#97011

Douglas M. Bradburn, “Subjects and Citizens, Patriots and Pirates: Expatriation, Naturalization, and the Problem of Allegiance in the Revolutionary Atlantic World” WP#04CR012

Douglas M. Bradburn, “‘True Americans’ and ‘Hordes of Foreigners’: Immigrants, Federalists, and the Politics of National Citizenship in the United States, 1789-1800.” WP#01007

Michael J. Braddick, “Elite Co-Option and State Formation in the British Atlantic World, c. 1530-1700” WP#97014

Scott Breuninger, “Westward the Course of Empire: The Translatio Tradition and Eighteenth-Century Anglo-American Theories of Historical Development.” WP#00022

Maurice J. Bric, “Irish Emigration to America, 1783-1800” WP#96021

Catia Brilli, “The Napoleonic Wars and the Crisis of the Spanish Colonial Order, Premises for the Sardinian Participation in the Atlantic Trade.” WP#0801

Claudia Brosseder, “‘Magic between Two Worlds’: Sorcerers, Toads, and the Transit of the Christian Super- and Preternatural into Colonial Peru” WP#0617

Christopher L. Brown, “The End of Innocence: Slavery, Politics, and the Idea of Moral Responsibility, 1764-1783.” WP#00029

Robert E. Brown, “Storks on the Moon and Other Invented Absurdities: Critical Historical Interpretation and the Shaping of Eighteenth-Century American Religious Discourse.” WP#00020

Denver A. Brunsman, “Everyday Escapes: The Art of Evading the British Press Gang.” WP#03010

Alexander X. Byrd, “The Slave Trade from the Biafran Interior to Jamaica: Commerce, Culture Change, and Comparative Perspective.” WP#98001

John F. Campbell, “Seeing ‘She’ across the Sea: Reassessing Notions of Womanhood in the Eighteenth-Century Plantation World.” WP#98006

Lyndsay Campbell, “Truth and Privilege: Libel Treatises and the Transmission of Legal Norms in the Early Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American World.” WP#1004

Vera Candiani, “Failed Migrants in the Colonies: European Military Engineers in the Desiccation of the Basin of Mexico” WP#04CR017

Jorge Cañizares Esguerra, “Nation and Nature: Patriotic Representations of Nature in Late Colonial Spanish America.” WP#98031

James Carson, “Old Worlds into New: An Ethnogeography of the Colonial South.” WP#02005

Thomas P. Chadwick, “Canvassing for the Colonies: Comparative Representations of the Recruitment and Mobilisation of Trans-Atlantic Emigrants in Britain, 1580-1620 and 1660-1710” WP#04CR002

Douglas B. Chambers, “Eboe, Kongo, Mandingo: African Ethnic Groups and the Development of Regional Slave Societies in Mainland North America, 1700-1820” WP#96014

Ian Chambers, “‘Now we act more like Women than Head Men”: Gender and the Native American in the Colonial South.” WP#98007

Ian Chambers, “Agents Provocateurs and Indians: The Struggle for the Eighteenth-Century American Southwest” WP#07021

Paul Burton Cheney, “Mercantilism and Moeurs: Comparative History and Sociology in the Analysis of France’s Overseas Trade, 1713-1748” WP#99002

Guy Chet, “Starting Over: The Transformation of European Warfare in Colonial New England.” WP#98023

Ruma Chopra, “New Yorkers’ Vision of Reunion with the British Empire: ‘Quicken Others by our Example.’” WP#0802

Leslie Choquette, “Corporatism or Physiocracy? The Trades of French Canada in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries” WP#97005

Emma Christopher, “As Black as a Tar: Seamen of African Origin and the Transatlantic Slave Trade” WP#04CR001

Gloria Ifeoma Chuku, “Women as Actors and Victims of the Slave Trade in Igboland, Nigeria” WP#99016

Nuran Çinlar, “Advice to Bachelors: Reading about Marriage in the Colonial Chesapeake” WP#0007

Meri L. Clark, “‘The blight of bad examples’: Morals Legislation and Social Conflicts in Colombian Schooling, 1800-1830.” WP#02024

Kathryn A. Clippinger, “Dutch Families, Black and White: The Structure of Afro-Dutch Households on the New York Frontier, 1720-1820.” WP#02020

Paul Cohen, “Mediating Linguistic Difference in the Early Modern French Atlantic World: Linguistic Diversity in Old and New France.” WP#03017

Michael F. Conlin, “Joseph Priestley’s American Defense of Phlogiston Theory: The Political Dimension.” WP#00017.

John C. Coombs, “‘The Substantial Planters Have of Those Negro Slaves’: The Transformation of Elite Labor Forces and the Development of Slave Society in Early Colonial Virginia” WP#04CR020

Seth Cotlar, “Reading the Foreign News, Imagining an American Public Sphere: The Democratic-Republican Societies in Trans-Atlantic Context.” WP#00023.

Helen Cowie, “Sloth Bones and Anteater Tongues: Interpreting American Nature in the Hispanic World (1750-1808).” WP#0903

Sarah Crabtree, “Lamb-Like Warriors: A Nation of God and the Quakers’ Church Militant” WP#0607

Matthew Crawford, “European Science as ‘Vain Science’: The Contentious Culture of Knowledge Production in the Spanish Atlantic circa 1779.” WP#0904

Ryan Dominic Crewe, “An Atlantic of New Christians: The Politics of Conversion in the Canaries, Granada, and Mexico, 1470-1540” WP#0603

Christian Crouch, “Legitimate or Not? Contrasting Boundaries of Violence on the French Atlantic Frontier during Global War.” WP#0803

Matthew Crow, “‘The Growth of Ages:’ Records, Rhetoric, and British Legal Memory in Colonial Virginia.” WP#1005

Joseph Cullon, “‘Geometrically and Arithmetically Performed’:  Rationalizing English Ship Design in the Era of Colonization.” WP#0905

Christopher Curry, “‘In whose possession they are now’: Black Loyalists and Their Quest for Freedom in the Bahamas.” WP#1006

Gail D. Danvers, “‘We must of course perish for want of subsistence’: Iroquois Indians, Imperial Politics, and the Atlantic Economy” WP#99006

Mariana L. R. Dantas, “Slave Manumission and Urban Development in Baltimore, Maryland, and Sabará, Minas Gerais, 1750-1810.” WP#02016

Stewart Davenport, “Luxury, Theology, Liberty: The Role of Religion in the ‘Great Transition’ Debate.” WP#01022

James David, “A Refugee’s Revolution: Lord Dunmore and the Floating Town, 1775-1776.” WP#0804

Beatriz Dávilo, “Travels, Correspondence, and Newspapers in the Constitution of Transatlantic Political and Intellectual Networks: Rio de la Plata, 1810-1825.” WP#03015

Michiel de Jong, “The Role of the State in the Expansion of the Dutch Overseas Trade Networks, 1590-1630” WP#99008

James D. Delbourgo, “Perkins’s Tractors and Trans-Atlantic Scientific Culture at the End of the Eighteenth Century.” WP#00018

Lina del Castillo, “Geographies of Independence: Criollo Representations of Gran Colombia and their (Re)-presentations in a Changing Atlantic World, 1819-1830.” WP#0906

Nicholas Dew, “Atlantic Triangulation: The French Scientific Expedition to Gorée and the Antilles, 1681-1683.” WP#00019

Helen Dewar, “Litigating Empire: The Role of French Courts in Establishing Colonial Sovereignties” WP#1007

Elsa Dias, “America and Portugal: In Search of a Luso-American Political Tradition.” WP#00025

Christa Dierksheide, “‘Capable of Improvement’: Commerce, Christianity, and the Idea of an Independent Africa, 1740-1810” WP#0622

Gabriel DiMeglio, “A Heavy Burden. The Plebeians of Buenos Aires and Permanent War During the Independence Period in the Southwest Atlantic, 1806-1828.” WP#0805

Beatriz Helena Domingues, “Tradition and Modernity in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Iberia and the Iberian American Colonies.” WP#98029

Patricia Lopes Don, “Death of an Aztec: The Inquisition of the Native Leader Don Carlos of Texcoco in Early Mexico, 1539.” WP#04012

John Donoghue, “‘Hell Broke Loose’: Coleman Street Ward and the Atlantic World of Republicanism, 1626-1661.” WP#03002

Christopher L. Doyle, “‘Without a Single Recommendation’: Trans-Atlantic Gentility and Success in Revolutionary Virginia.” WP#02013

Alexander Dubé, “Judging Colonial Scandals.” WP#1008

Laurent Dubois, “Slave Emancipation and the Limits of Citizenship during the French Revolution” WP#97032

Meaghan N. Duff, “Imbibing Information at the Carolina Coffee House: Emigration and the Dynamics of Promotion in a Proprietary Colony” WP#96018

Marie Duggan-Julca, “The China Trade That Never Was: Lost Profit Opportunity for Spain, Loss of Freedom for California Indians” WP#99010

Jordana Dym, “Citizen of Which Republic: Foreigners and the Construction of Citizenship in Central America, ca. 1808-1845” WP#04CR011

Jordana Dym, “From Pueblos to Pueblo, Creating the National State: City, State, and Nation in Central America, 1810-1839.” WP#01003

Matthew Dziennik, “200 acres of free ground: The Highland Soldier in a Transatlantic Context, 1754-1783.” WP#0806

Marcela Echeverri, “Popular Royalists, War, and Politics in Southwestern New Granada, 1808-1820.” WP#0807

S. Max Edelson, “Mastering the Market: Planters and Commodity Marketing in Charlestown, South Carolina, 1735-1785” WP#99019

Max Edling, “The Problem of American State Formation: Politics of Taxation and the Creation of the Federal Government.” WP#01013

Kate Carté Engel, “‘Commerce that the Lord could Sanctify and Bless’: Moravian Participation in Transatlantic Trade, 1740-1760.” WP#03009

Victor Enthoven, “A Dutch Crossing: Migration between the Netherlands, Africa, and the Americas, 1600-1800” WP#04CR003

Amanda Epperson, “‘If You Intend to Come’: Networks, the Migration Process, and Highland Emigration to the United States.” WP#03014

Stephen Feeley, “Roads Between: Shaping Tuscarora Identities and the Backcountry in the Eighteenth Century” WP#04CR005

Roquinaldo Ferreira, “Deconstructing African Narrative: Enslavement, Resistance, Community, and Displacement in Angola” WP#04CR021

Georg Fertig, “Household Formation and Economic Autarky in the Early Modern Atlantic World: Transatlantic Migration as a Test Case for the European Marriage Pattern” WP#96008

Martha Few, “Illness Accusations and the Cultural Politics of Power in Colonial Santiago de Guatemala, 1650-1720.” WP#98010

Jonathan Beecher Field, “Suffering and Subscribing: Configurations of Authorship in the Quaker Atlantic” WP#0608

Marcelo Figueroa, “Natural History, Collecting Practices and Colonial Power: the Malaspina Expediction in the River Plate (1789).” WP#0907

Andrew B. Fisher, “Primordial Identities Imagined and Contested: Peasant Communities and Memory in the Eighteenth-Century Hot Country of Guerrero, Mexico.” WP#04007

Caitlin Fitz, “Newspaper Diplomacy in an Age of Revolution: South American Rebels and Royalists in the United States, 1816-1824.” WP#0808

Patrick Fitzgerald, “A Sentence to Sail: The Transportation of Irish Convicts and Vagrants to Colonial America in the Eighteenth Century” WP#96022

Andrew Fitzmaurice, “The Civic Solution to the Crisis of English Colonisation, 1609-1625” WP#97004

David M. Fitzsimons, “Citizen Paine: National and International Identity in the Atlantic World, circa 1800.” WP#03001

Martin V. Fleming, “Franciscan Missionary Theater in Sixteenth-Century New Spain: Conquering Expectations and the Syncretic Reality.” WP#98012

Matthew J. Flynn, “The Thin Line: George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleonic Warfare in the Atlantic World.” WP#0809

Albane Forestier, “The Practice of Civil Law in the British Caribbean at the End of the Eighteenth Century.” #WP1009

Aaron S. Fogleman, “The Transformation of Immigration into the United States during the Era of the American Revolution” WP#96002

Maximilian C. Forte, “Writing the Caribs Out: The Construction and Demystification of the ‘Deserted Island’ Thesis for Trinidad.” WP#04016

Jeffrey A. Fortin, “‘The Most uncontrolled Freedom’: The Haitian Revolution, Jamaican Maroons, and the French Connection” WP#04CR022

Cécile Fromont, “Capuchin Missionary Methods and the Shaping of Christianity in Early Modern Kongo.” WP#0621

Thomas Fröschl, “American Empire—British Empire—Roman Empire: The Meaning of Empire in Late 18th-Century Political Discourse in the Atlantic World.” WP#97018

Gunlög Fur, “Women’s Authority and the Anomalies of Vision in Delaware Experiences of Colonial Encounters.” WP#98008

François Furstenberg, “Francophone Philadelphia and Political Networks in the Early American Republic, c. 1790s.” WP#04CR007

Júnia Ferreira Furtado, “Mirror of the World: Libertines, Heretics, and Rebels in Baroque Minas Gerais: The Minas Gerais Rebellion (1789) and the Naturalist José Vieira Couto.” WP#01002

Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, “Re-Learning the Lessons of ‘First Contact’: Englishmen and Scots in Darien, 1698-99.” WP#97025

Alison Games, “‘Gallants, to Bohemia’ and Maids for Virginia: The London Port Register of 1635” WP#96009

David T. Garrett, “The Loyalist Inca and Túpac Amaru: Ethnicity, Class, and Allegience in Bourbon Cusco.” WP#02003

Margarita Gascón, “Frontier Societies: A View from the Southern Frontier of the Indies.” WP#02004

Margarita Gascón, “Nature and Empire: The Struggle for South America during the Seventeenth Century.” WP0705

Sharilyn Geistfeld, “Plotting Females from Paris to Salvador: Women’s Agency and Struggles for Equality in the 1796 ‘Conspiracy of Equals’ in Paris and in the 1798 ‘Tailors’ Conspiracy’ in Salvador, Brazil.” WP#03016

Malick Ghachem, “‘Between France and the Antilles’: The Commercial Assimilation of the American Revolution in Saint-Domingue, 1784-1785” WP#99026

Malick Ghachem, “The Coming of the Haitian Revolution, 1789-1791.” WP#01005

Claire Gherini, “Rationalizing Disease: James Kilpatrick’s Atlantic Struggles with Localism and Custom in the Early Years of Smallpox Inoculation.” WP#0908

Heidi Giusto, “Regulating Slavery: Custom and Statutory Law in South Carolina, 1670-1748.” WP#1010

Natasha Glaisyer, “London’s Royal Exchange, 1660-1750: The Trading World in Miniature” WP#99004

Travis Glasson, “Masters and Pastors: The SPG and the Conversion of African-Americans in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic.” WP#03019

Marion Godfroy, “The Kourou Expedition of 1763, or the Ultimate Struggle of the Monarchy for a French America.” WP#0709

William Goldman, “The Limit of Empire: Spain and the Founding of Jamestown, 1604-1618.” WP#0701

Rhonda M. Gonzales, “Emergent Communities and Collective Identities: African and Indigenous Resistance in Colonial Mexico.” WP#04CR019

Eliga Gould, “The End of Greater Britain? Britain and the Federal Implications of the War of American Independence.” WP#97019

Timothy P. Grady, “Anglo-Spanish Rivalries and the Effects of La Florida on the Exploration and Settlement of Virginia and Carolina.” WP#0715

Melissa Grafe, “‘An Almost Infallible Remedy’: Seneka Snakeroot, Medical Practice, and the Circulation of Knowledge in the Atlantic World.” WP#0909

Regina Grafe, “American Trade and the Cantabrian Economy” WP#99022

Patrick Griffin, “‘The Very Scum of Mankind’: Context, Meaning, and the Creation of Scotch-Irish Ethnicity in Pennsylvania, 1717-1741.” WP#98027

Keila Grinberg, “Freedom Suits: Manumission and Civil Law in Brazil and in the United States.” WP#00032

Michael J. Guasco, “The Idea of Slavery in the Anglo-Atlantic World before 1619.” WP#00028

Evan Haefeli, “Of Manitous and Men: First Contact in North America.” WP#98004

Nancy L. Hagedorn, “‘A great deal depends upon the Interpreters’: Anglo-Iroquois Relations and Imperial Diplomacy in the Colonial Northeast, 1664-1774.” WP#97023

Sheryllynne Haggerty, “Absent Kings in Jamaica? Business Networks and Family Ties – The View from Eighteenth-Century Jamaica.” WP#03005

Sheryllynne Haggerty, “The Structure of the Philadelphia Trading Community on the Transition from Colony to State.” WP#02025

Matthew Rainbow Hale, “The American Reign of Terror: French Revolutionary Warfare and the Shaping of American Nationality, 1798-1801.” WP# 01009

Andrew Hamilton, “Atlantic Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: Anglo-American Theories of Trade and Empire in the 1780s” WP#99027

Douglas J. Hamilton, “Patterns of Scottish Political Patronage in the British West Indies, c. 1763-c. 1800.” WP#97015

Marsha L. Hamilton, “Scottish Communities in New England and the North Atlantic World in the Seventeenth Century.” WP#02011

Rachel Hammersley, “French Revolutionary Republican Tradition.” WP#01001

Mark Hanna, “Upon Feign’d Trials:” Pirates Before the Bar in Newport, Rhode Island and Charles Town, South Carolina 1680-1700.” WP#0810

Emma Hart, “‘The Public Works are every where carrying on with Spirit’: Charleston and the Emergence of a British Atlantic Civic Ideal, 1730-1790.” WP#03004

April Lee Hatfield, “Mariners, Merchants, and Colonists in Seventeenth-Century English America” WP#99013

Claire Healy, “‘English faces at the Port’: Atlantic Networks in Buenos Aires, 1776-1825.” WP#04CR008

Scott N. Hendrix, “Upright Men who Entered for Steady Advancement: The Centrality of Military Honor and Reputation for Mid-Eighteenth-Century British Army Officers.” WP#0811

Monica Henry, “The American Public Debate on Recognition of the Spanish-American Republics, 1810-1822.” WP# 01011

Katherine Hermes, “Governing the Northeast: Algonquian, English and French Jurisdiction, 1575-1775.” WP#97021

Katherine Hermes, “How Moses Crossed the Atlantic: John Weemes and Philo-Semitism in Colonial New England” WP#00004

Leonardo Hernández, “The Periphery of the Periphery: Pre-Atlantic and Atlantic History as Seen from Southeastern Mesoamerica.” WP#04009

Dan Hicks, “Atlantic Matters: Mobility, Interaction, and ‘Material History’ in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean.” WP#04CR010

Christopher Hodson, “Conversations with Power: The Acadians’ Atlantic, 1755-1785.” WP#03018

Renzo Honores,  “Colonial Legal Polyphony: Caciques and the Construction of Legal Arguments in the Andes, 1550-1640.” WP#1011

Magnus Huber, “Afro-European Linguistic Encounters on the Lower Guinea Coast: The English Trading Posts on the Gold Coast and New World Creole Englishes.” WP#98002

Christine Hucho, “Pious, Submissive, but Literate: The Schwenkfelder Women of Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania” WP#96024

Daniel Hulsebosch, “Periphery to Center: The Imperial Agents and the Constitution in Eighteenth-Century New York.” WP#97008

Stephen Hum, “‘Birds Die for Food’: Money and the Mentalities of Exchange among the Iroquois and the English in the Mid-Eighteenth Century.” WP#98019

Nadine Hunt, “Privateers and Merchants: Legitimizing the Caribbean Trade of Jamaica During the Seven Years’ War.” WP#0812

Brooke Hunter, “‘The Whole System Hangs like a Cobweb’: The Grain Trade in the Era of Revolution” WP#99018

Folasade Ifamose, “The Indigenous Aristocracy, the Atlantic Trade, and the Gunpowder Economy.” WP#99017

Sarah Irving, “America, Christian Charity and the Origins of Modern Science.” WP#0910

Michael J. Jarvis, “The Politics of Smuggling: Bermuda’s ‘Clandestine Trade’ with the Dutch West Indies, 1684-1783.” WP#97012

Evelyn Powell Jennings, “‘In the Eye of the Storm’: The Spanish Colonial State and African Enslavement in Havana, 1763-1825.” WP#01015

Ryan Kashanipour, “A Medicinal Mélange: The Circulation of Medical Knowledge in Colonial Yucatán.” WP#0911

Heidi Keller-Lapp, “Maritime Habits: Ursuline Atlantic Voyages to the New World, 1639-1727.” WP#0606

Neil Kennedy, “‘By wrangling and jangling a country prospers’: The Failure of Bermuda’s Claims to the Turks Islands, c. 1678-1804.” WP#97013

Daniel Kilbride, “From Provincial to National Identity: American Leisure Travelers in Europe, circa 1700-1820.” WP#02002

Ulrike Kirchberger, “Henry Melchior Mühlenberg and the Making of German Protestantism in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania.” WP#00015

Eric Klingelhofer, “Settlement Types in the First Century of English Colonization” WP#96027

Willem Klooster, “Moving to ‘the finest, healthiest and most fertile land of this world’: Dutch Migration to New Netherland, 1624-1664” WP#96007

Sarah Knott, “The Circulation and Americanization of Sensibility: Scotland to Philadelphia.” WP#00013

Christian Koot, “In Pursuit of Profit: Persistent Dutch Influence on the Inter-Imperial Trade of New York and the Lesser Antilles, 1621-1689.” WP#03012

Josef Köstlbauer, “Lawless and Precarious Spaces: The Struggle to Control Imperial Borderlands.” WP#0717

Michael A. LaCombe, “Commensality and Contest in the English Atlantic World: Meals and the Struggle for Authority, 1570-1650.” WP#0712

Marixa Lasso, “A Republican Myth of Racial Harmony: Gran Colombia, 1810-1831.” WP#01010

Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec, “Slave Migrations, Diasporic Identities, and the Problem of Slave Control in Early American Louisiana.” WP#04CR015

Kittiya Lee, “Among the Vulgar, the Erudite, and the Sacred: The Oral Life of Colonial Amazonia.” WP#04018

Jeffers Lennox, “An Empire on Paper: The Founding of Halifax and Conceptions of Imperial Space, 1744-1755.” WP#0714

Mark Lentz, “The Fuero de los Indios: Castilian Legal Traditions in an American Context.” WP#1012

Philip Levy, “Rattlesnakes and the Competition between Indian and European Fellow Travelers.” WP#04005

Justin Liles, “Thomas Sumter’s Law: Race and Slavery in the Carolina Backcountry During the Era of the American Revolution.” WP#0813

Vera Lind, “Crossing the Atlantic Twice: Black Africans and Americans in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany—Encounters of Color, Race, Identity, and the Exotic.” WP#98034

Thomas J. Little, “Mobility, Migration, and the Development of Evangelical Protestantism in the Eighteenth-Century Southern Anglophone World” WP#96005

Susan Lindsey Lively, “Reacclimating to the Colonies: American Travelers Abroad and Their Experiences Returning to the Colonies, 1740-1776.” WP#98030

Timothy J. Lockley, “Competing Forms of Labour: The Reaction of White Working People to the Introduction of Slave Labour into Georgia, 1733-1775” WP#96015

Carla Lois, “From Mare Tenebrorum to Atlantic Ocean: Creating the Modern Atlantic World Through Cartographical Writing (1470-1800).” WP#0912

C. Thomas Long, “The British Royal Navy’s Green Water Revolution: Too Big, Too Late.” WP#0814

Adrian Lopez-Denis, “Communities of Immunity in the Iberian Atlantic World.” WP#0913

Joseph S. Lucas, “Scottish Conjectural History, Indian Affairs, and Missionary Theory in the Early-Nineteenth-Century United States.” WP#00014

Barbara MacAllan, “Idealism and Compromise—‘the beginninge of the world’: The Plantation of Hampton, 1639-1644” WP#96028

Dennis J. Maika, “Leadership in Manhattan’s Merchant Community: Office-Holding Patterns and the Persistence of a Merchant Elite.” WP#02021

Elizabeth Mancke, “Colonial Corporations and the Emergence of the British Imperial State.” WP#97006

Bertie Mandelblatt, “‘On the Excellence of the Vegetable Diet’: Scurvy, Antoine Poissonnier-Desperrières’s New Naval Diet and French Colonial Science in the Atlantic World.” WP#0914

Daniel R. Mandell, “Indians in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-America: Indigenous Peoples and Racial Proletariat.” WP#04002

Paul Mapp, “The Role of the Unexplored Regions of North America in European Diplomacy, 1699-1763.” WP#97026

Ignacio Martínez, “From Madrid to Rome: The Dismantling of Colonial Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions in the Río de la Plata and Alternatives for Their Reconstruction, 1810-1825.” WP#0626

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